Have you been dumped before? If your answer is yes, then without a doubt, you will certainly know that the feeling of it is sucked. It is true that occasionally, you can lose your mind thinking about everything that didn’t go well in your relationship.

Without mincing words, your relationship with your boyfriend ended because you are not attracted to him anymore. That is to say, it wasn’t because of your inability to keep your laundry clean around the house, but your fault was that the reason for him being attracted to you is not there anymore. There are various ways through which you can re-attract your boyfriend (and I will explain that in details in a second), but you need to know first and foremost, the reason why he left. Knowing the reason why he dumped you will give you clues on what to do to get him back.

I love to call this The Six Deadly Relationship Sins. At this point, don’t misconstrue me for I’m not saying that you are guilty of all these mistakes, what I’m saying is that there is a possibility that you showed one or more of these features which forced your boyfriend to dump you even though he may pinpoint another reason for leaving you.

The First Deadly Sin is a common issue that affects more than half of women all over the world in their relationships; that is, their desire to be too way controlling. Men repel women that try to restrict their lives in any way. Though it is essential you are in control in your relationship; you also need to know when you are going out of the line because if you don’t, dumping you by your husband or boyfriend is inevitable.

The second deadly sin is you always seeking external assurance from your boyfriend, and that is a big attraction-breaker. In other words, always aiming for your boyfriend approval is really a huge mistake. Asking questions such as “Do you truly love me? Do I look fat wearing this dress? Did you have a nice time? Do more harm than good. It is as if you are telling him that you are not good enough for him or confident enough and that reeks of insecurity.

The third deadly sin is you being jealous now and then. If you were jealous because you noticed him flirting with other girls, or perhaps he had a female friend that he was hanging out with which made you be a little suspicious, then you should not be surprised that you stop being attracted to your husband if this emotion was exhibited by you. Being jealous is the ultimate form of insecurity.

Having known some of the things that kill relationships, what can you now do to re-attract your boyfriend? The first thing is to employ some of my most influential psychological strategies. The situation right now may look hopeless, but if you are serious about it, you will definitely have him back.

Who is the brain behind this powerful program? He is known as Brad Browning, and he is generally recognized all over the world as “Relationship Geek.” He has helped thousands of women worldwide to reclaim their lost relationships, and I happen to be one of them. The rate of success of this program is more than 90%. It doesn’t matter how torn is your relationship with your ex-boyfriend, with the help of this program, not only will you make him give you another chance but also fall madly in love with you again.

Begging and pleading are habitual to women when they get dumped either by their husband or boyfriend. They always beg for forgiveness and plead for another chance. They say “sorry” and “just give me another chance” over and over. It is advisable you begin to listen to me if you commit one of these deadly sins since it is possible you are doing things right now that will make your boyfriend dump you and run into the arm of another girl.

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