The Obsession Method is a program for you attract girls by making them thinking about you and she will always crave for you.

If you are done with average woman and want hot girls for now on this guide is just for you.

I am here to help you how to get hot, attracting and beautiful girls eyes on you.

Have fun!

What Is The Obsession Method?

Kate Spring has made the Obsession Method relationship program to help men in their relationships, to make women fall in love with them. In this program you will find techniques and the secret language that every woman will fill with intense love, attraction and respect you by exploiting the psychological loophole in the mind.

Even if you are ugly, fat, skinny, broke old or average don’t worry because this program is based on the most advanced Harvard Psychological research. This program has techniques that do not consider your limitations so the ladies will be craving for you, will be uncontrollable for sex urges and won’t think about anything until she will be in you.

Who Created or Is The Author of The Obsession Method?

A dating coach from Vancouver, Canada is the creator of The Obsession Method. She shows men how to be irresistible to woman they want.

By Kate’s training and guidance the most average guy will turn into a ladies man. Many chubby, short, and unemployed men attracted ladies emotionally and sexually with the help of Kate.

Kate loves helping people in their relationship and she is graduated from the University of Victoria.

She helps her clients for a long –lasting and satisfying relationship. In her empty time she enjoys Netflix or hiking outdoors with her fiancé and two dogs.

She has a YouTube channel called Love Learning and has a great number of social media followers along with her blog that has creative and unique advices

Techniques Of The Obsession Method

There are many techniques and each technique is tested and proven to get the woman’s specific emotion reaction. Down below there are some techniques that are in the program.

Precision Tactics: This is a like a step to get the girl. Over here you will learn how to and when to make a move with every detail. Details like when to ask her out, when to kiss her and when to escalate to full out sex.

Body Messages: To get a girls attention body language is very important. With the right tactics of the body language the girl will want to sleep with you. You should only use this technique with the girl you want to sleep with.

Subliminal 3’s: With the help of Kate’s technique is designed to make any woman want to sleep with you straight away. The technique is so powerful that you should be careful.

Desire Protocol: This part is just about desire. If you want her to be yours it is very crucial to trigger the right kind of desire in a woman. Over here you will learn how to trigger woman in the right way to make her desire you, this means the woman will be obsessed over you as long as you want.

Story Mode: You will learn a special story that you can tell any girl to make her desire for you deeper and more subconscious. Up to now there is no one who has failed.

Unstoppable Pickup: the girl will be instantly interested in you the moment you see her by learning the “Direction Approach” technique.

Marriage Man: This technique is very important because you will learn how to keep her committed to you and she will always dream about marrying you.

Turn Her On: By learning “Spring Seduction System” the girl will be horny and will be waiting for you. Just a few guys know how to do this.

Text Seduction: you will turn her on and she will beg for you to meet with only 3 kinds of text messages.

By buying “Obsession Method” what will you get?

Once you get it you will see a lot of benefits. You will be able to meet the woman you want, marry with her, have sex with her, and so much more. You might have lost your courage and confidence after so many rejections but trust me after this method you will overcome your nervousness and make her you the guy she wants. It is not going to be the you that will run after her, it will be the opposite way. She will go crazy about you. She will do so many things just to get your attention; she will even be the first one to message. Just think about how your life is going to be with the woman you have always wanted.

When you buy this, you will also get:

  • The complete Obsession Method System (complete with video course and book)
  • How to Make Her Approach YOU- eBook
  • Sex Texts (Get Her into Bed) – e-Book
  • Sexual Wordsmith: How to Have Sexual Conversations With Woman – eBook
  • And many more bonuses!


How To Make Her Approach You Program– by triggering the subconscious mind any girl will be the one approaching you by learning different body languages.

Sex Text Program- you will learn how to text to a girl correctly so you can get a good response from her and also learn how to seduce her, turn her on and leave her wanting you and fantasizing about you are.

Sexual Wordsmith Program- to create ”conversation attraction” while having funny and intriguing talks to will learn specific tactics and tricks.

The Obsession Method- PROS and Cons


  • It is based on real researches
  • There are so many information
  • Focuses on all aspects of the dating game
  • Helps you to get hot girls attention
  • You will learn how to create a long- lasting relationship
  • There are many video material


  • There is too many information
  • Some concepts can be odd
  • You need patience and practice to be successful which will take time

What Did Addison Learn from Obsession Method?

By familiarizing herself with Kelsey Diamond’s insightful tips on hypnotherapy and psychology which would get women to fall for her instantly, Addison started the course.

Does The Obsession Method Work-Legit Or Scam?

Are you ready to find love and make her fall madly in love with you, then it’s time to get The Obsession Method. After paying $69.95, you will get the product straight away.

First you need to download the PDF files of the e-book. Second you will be able to access to the video which has tricks and techniques. By these the woman will go crazy for you.

There are many little details in this relationship program that will show you body language, proper phrases and techniques to get the woman stuck on you.

With this program, you can rest a sure that you can any woman of your dreams despite your appearance or economic situation because it has proven tactics that can implement the intense desire in the hearts and minds of any woman out there.

Don’t be scared to buy it. It is definitely not a scam. The author has many years of experience as a dating coach and consultant. Before she created this program she has taken a lot of experience on this issue.


If you have problems with connecting woman, having hard times picking up a girlfriend and struggling to make them interested in you The Obsession Method is just for you.

There are very effective techniques that are not known much so you will learn many things.

Are you sick and tired to date with a random girl? Do you want to date with a hot, attracting woman? Then The Obsession Method is the answer for you.

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