Are you usually shy when you see the lady you like? Do you want to get closer to her but you don’t know how to get closer and don’t know how to act, feeling uncomfortable?

In this writing I am going to teach you how to meet woman and how to get over the fear of getting closer with 4 amazing tips.

If you read up to here, in any bet I know that you are hitting your head to the wall to find a solution for this.

If you’re doing this, I really understand how you feel. Since can’t get close to the woman you like sucks.

GOOD NEWS, I have a solution for you.

BAD NEWS, you have to get up and start doing things.

Fear Of Getting Close to Women!

Even though I don’t know you I’m sure YOU ARE SCARED TO GET REJECTED. It hurts you yo be turned down from the others.

If you have this problem, I’m going to tell you the most effective rule you need to do;

“Be yourself and say whatever goes through your mind because the person who cares for you doesn’t even mind; if they mind what you say, they don’t care about you. You don’t need people who don’t care about you in your life.”

The point is, what people thinks about you is not important. Unimportant like the water drop in the toilet. That’s why never give permission to the other people to have an effect on your actions.

Most men search for techniques and words because of this fear, just to get the ladies attention he likes. What’s sad is, after memorizing techniques and information’s plus spending loans of money, it doesn’t give a result like the other men.

Besides if you’re scared to meet a girl nothing will work because no matter how awesome and developed techniques you use if something holds you back while you’re talking with the girl then either never get closer to her or she will turn you down.

Now let’s talk about the 4 effective rules we talked about above.

4 Effective Tactics To Get Over The Fear of Getting Close To Women

#1 Change The Way You Think

First thing we said is to not care about what the others think but many other men another opinion about getting close to woman.

Do you think that you can’t get closer to a foreign when there is no reason? Do you think you need a purpose otherwise you will get rejected?

Women are friendlier than men. There is no problem to get closer, trying to make them fall in love with you, getting their phone number or going out for a drink as long as you don’t force them whatever your purpose is.

You can’t force a lady to make her love you!

Ladies like relevancy and to get closer to them is the proof that they are hot.

Why would they refuse you for this?

Have respect to women but when you get closer to them change your thought to “Women like getting close by men that’s why today I’m going to be a fine man and by getting close to her I’m going to do good things”.

#2 Have Eye Contact

Most men think that they need to get close without any eye contacts when they see a woman. They underestimate the power of non-verbal communication.

This is an excellent way to create a interest on the woman and you don’t even have to say something.

Most of the men are too shy even to have an eye contact. When the woman looks back at them , they look to the floor straight away wishing the she didn’t see his looks.

The important point they we need to learn is “to have eye contact with women”. For example go outside and look to inside the people’s eye. Try to take the eye contact long but be cal and don’t force yourself much. Otherwise the people might think you’re a psychopath. This step is just to make self-confidence. You can try it

After finding a woman, try to continue the eye contact and as soon as you feel good, learn how to say something with your eyes.

#3 Say hi to the others!

Go next to the others and say “Hi” or “Hi, how is it going?”

You don’t have to do something at the beginning.

You can start doing this in places that can be normal like the supermarket, bank, and restaurant.

Just by saying “Hi” to a foreign, you would see that is not a big deal to get close. If you think that the people would say crazy to you, trust me it will be the opposite. They will think that you’re a fine guy and they will ask to themselves why can’t they say hi to the others.

#4 Communicate with the others

After eye contacting with the people and saying hi to them, it is time to communicate.

Most of the time when you get close to a woman she will be a bit irritated (if she’s not drunk or super social) most of the time, that’s why it is important to be calm. The aim of this short talk is to break the ice and make her feel more comfortable while talking with you.

If you get close to her and say “I want to have a drink with you this week. Can you give me your number?” you will stalemate her and she will defend herself. But if you start calmly and get close to her, she will feel comfortable and you will have a higher chance to get her phone number.

If you start talking with others, the people will think you are a self confident more than a scary person.

Our last words about the fear of getting close to women:

While getting close to the woman don’t think about what you’re going to say and do, just get closer and say whatever is on your mind.

If you think she has a nice dress on her and want to ask her why it is red just go for it.

As soon as you get over the fear of getting close, the next step will be how to get close to woman in day and night time naturally. You can find much more in the book “Meet Your Sweet” and develop yourself in this way.

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